Weekly Leaderboard – DIB – Week 2

Dear members,
Herewith the winners of the ‘Egypt does it better’ contest for this week.
1. zlifelong
2. wa.ta00
3. yasminefawzan
4. disenchanted
5. nourshehab00

Congratulations to all of you, you will get 3,000 points for this week!
And for everybody else: join the contest to win as well! Every week we will choose 5 winners – Use DIB in front of your topic, add a picture to your topic and make it interesting. Say more than just one sentence 😉 The people with the best quality/amount ratio will win!!

The country ranking is as follows as of now:
The ranking is based on the increase in topics compared to the previous WEEK. This means that Egypt can still win if you post way more topics than the previous week!

1. Turkey
2. UAE
3. Czech Republic
4. Ireland
5. Filipines
6. South-Korea
7. Colombia
8. Hong Kong
9. Germany
10. Russia

Good luck and go Egypt!

– Lara

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