Mission: I spy with my little eye .. Magazine – Egypt does it better! Challenge

Dear Members,

Good news:

The March issue of the Toluna Magazine just came out and we thought it would be fun to add a “Does It Better” mission to it.

So read this month’s edition, find the mission and follow the rules! ( A small tip for the mission: Home Sweet Home)
* it is the second sentence on the page

Aside from the mission, you can find cinema news, recipes and an introduction of the new CM, me!

If you didn’t get the email (please check your spam folder) and check in your profile if your e-mail preferences allow us to send you this email, you can find the magazine by opening the link here:


To participate in this mission and prove that Egypt Does It Better, please follow these simple rules:

♣ Find the mission on Toluna Magazine

♣ Create a topic with your contribution

♣ Add the letters « DIB » in front of the title (IMPORTANT!)

♣ Complete the mission by the 18th March at 23:59

Remember: By joining the Egypt does It Better competition, you can earn 3000 points each week and a 10€ voucher at the end!

Good luck:)

Toluna Team

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