Mission: Knowledge Quiz – Egypt does it better!

Knowledge is the collection of skills and information a person has acquired through experience, which means that Finland’s highly praised educational system actually has very little influence on today’s mission.

Today we want to see which country would take the big prize on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. If you accept this mission, create a topic with your answers to the quiz below.
Since we don’t want to influence anyone, we’ll be posting the correct answers after everyone’s had time to participate 😉

To participate in this mission and prove that Egypt is more knowledgeable, please follow this simple rules:

♣ Create a Topic with your answers to the quiz
♣ Add the letters « DIB » in front of the title (e.g.: DIB – I’ve got the answers)
♣ Complete the mission by 18th March at 23h59

Quiz questions:
1) Number of gods worshiped by ancient Egyptians
2) Who was the ruler of Morocco between 1912 and 1927?
3) What is the name of what will be the world’s highest tower?
4) What is the cultural capital of the UAE?
5) What was the first company in the world to be publicly traded by offering shares?
6) What is the name of the oldest bridge in Paris?
7) The world’s longest land tunnel connects which countries?
8) What’s the official name for brazilian sign language?
9) Which Microsoft Word font originates from Switzerland?
10) What animal is on the right of the Australian Coat of Arms?
11) Which country has over 300 different types of bread?
12) Where is the longest bridge in Europe and what is it called?

Good Luck!!
And don’t forget: by joining you get a chance to win the weekly 3000 points and in the end a 10 euro voucher.

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