Be Egypt’s Chief Survey Taker!

Dear Members,

We all enjoy getting more out of the things we already do. With this in mind, Toluna wants to give you a chance to get yet more points by doing what you do best: answering surveys!

Throughout the next three weeks, complete as many surveys as you qualify for and you might get an extra 10 000 points, plus the honor of being the Egypt’s Chief Survey Taker.
Remember that you are mostly competing with yourself, so don’t pass on any opportunities 🙂

This competition runs from 9th to 26th March, and applies to all influencers of each country.
To participate, simply continue answering surveys as you normally do but here are some tips to help you increase your chances:

♣ Check your email and Survey Center frequently
♣ Think about your answers carefully
♣ Answer truthfully to every questions
♣ Influence your world!
♣Do not forget to update your Profile Surveys!

Your Profile Surveys can be accessed by clicking the “Surveys” tab at the top of the site, here you will see the “Profile Surveys” option. Profile Surveys are designed to allow us to improve personalisation of the service we provide to you for completing your Profile Surveys. This means you will receive more, and better targeted, survey invitations. Profile Surveys are divided into three categories: surveys you haven’t answered yet, surveys you answered but have since been updated and require your attention (New), and surveys you have already answered. For each completed personal profile survey you are awarded 100 points.♣

Good luck!

Toluna Team

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