CCM – Content Creator of the Month

As you all know we have been crediting daily bonuses (100, 500 and 1,000 points per content) to all our members who help make Toluna a vibrant community by posting quality content.

We would like to thank you by offering an extra bonus with our new CONTENT CREATOR OF THE MONTH program.

This program will start at the end of the month so all the January participations will be taken into account!


♣Who can be Content Creator or the Month? ♣

  • All members can become Content Creator or the Month
  • You only have to continue to be an active member on the site and create quality content. (To know what we consider quality content, please see our blogpost
  • For every piece of quality content you create you receive at least 500 points
  • You can also earn 1,000 points if your content has received a lot of feedback or is very helpful
  • We also credit opinions on Topics with up to 1,000 points so please continue to share your feedback for extra points

♣How are the Content Creators of the Month chosen? ♣

  • At the end of each month we will choose the top 10 users who received the most bonuses for quality content and name them *Content Creator of the Month*
  • If the same user manages to stay on the list for:
  • 3 months in row – He will earn an extra 5,000 points
  • 5 months in a row – He will earn an extra 10,000 points
  • That’s a total of 15,000 points + the points you already earn for content creation
  • The clock is then reset and we start over again.

We hope that you will enjoy participating in this new program. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think in the comments below.

See you soon on the site.


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